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15 Marvel Weapons Powerful Enough to Beat Deadpool’s Healing Factor

15 Marvel Weapons Powerful Enough to Beat Deadpool’s Healing Factor


  • Deadpool’s healing factor can’t protect him from the brutal Facade Virus, which melted his body on a genetic level.
  • The Hunger Virus turns healing factor users like Deadpool into zombies, disabling their regeneration abilities.
  • The powerful All-Black blade can defeat Deadpool by striking down cosmic beings, overpowering his healing factor.

The infamous Deadpool is known for his brutal violence, fourth-wall breaking humor, and wildly powerful healing factor, making him one of the hardest characters in Marvel Comics to permanently kill. However, throughout the history of Marvel Comics, there have been a number of horrific and powerful weapons that have the potential to end Wade Wilson’s life, and make his death last.

Deadpool is a result of experimentation done by the Weapon X program, imbued with a version of Wolverine’s healing factor, and granting him a kind of horrific immortality that allows him to regenerate from almost any type of wound, and survive things like poisoning or even decapitation. Countless villains (and heroes) have attempted to end Deadpool’s life throughout his history at Marvel Comics, and some Multiversal stories like Deadpool Kills Deadpool or Deadpool: The End establish various brutal ways in which Wade and his variants are able to be slaughtered for good. From Wolverine’s famous Muramasa Blade to a powerful Anti-Regeneration Ray, below are 10 weapons from throughout Marvel canon that are capable of beating Deadpool’s impressive healing factor and killing the Merc with a Mouth once and for all.


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Even though Deadpool is practically immortal, he isn’t impervious to losing fights, and that fact is highlighted in brutal fashion by one X-men hero.

15 The Facade Virus

Cable & Deadpool #1 by Fabian Nicieza and Patrick Zircher

deadpool facade virus

In order to bring about world peace, the One World Church hijacked a gene-recoding virus known as the Facade Virus. Unfortunately, the unstable virus effectively melted Deadpool’s body – something his healing factor couldn’t fix because the changes were happening on the genetic level, and didn’t explicitly register as damage. Fabian Nicieza and Patrick Zircher’s Cable & Deadpool #4 makes it clear that the virus would have killed Wade if it wasn’t for Cable, who was able to mix Facade with his own Techno-Organic Virus, using each to treat the other. It was the start of Cable and Deadpool’s move from bitter enemies to genuine friends, but also confirmed that there are ways to kill Deadpool without pulling a trigger.

14 The Hunger Virus

Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 by Mark Millar and Greg Land

The Hunger Virus is one of the most brutal and dangerous viruses in the Marvel Multiverse. Once infected, someone is transformed into a zombie. They are then overcome with a desire for non-infected flesh, causing them to immediately seek out and eat people. Those with healing factors, such as Deadpool, can resist the virus for a time, but they will eventually succumb. Once transformed into a zombie, their healing factor is disabled.

Once transformed into a zombie, their healing factor is disabled.

This is true of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Deadpool. No matter how strong a healing factor is, it doesn’t matter if it’s removed. Once Deadpool became a zombie, he could be killed as easily as anyone else. Not only does he count as “dead” due to being a zombie, but even if he didn’t, the lack of a healing factor would make him easier to kill than normal.

13 Carbonadium Swords

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3 by Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic

In Marvel canon, Carbonadium is a super-hard metal which has the unfortunate side-effect of emitting harmful radiation. Deadpool has actually used this to his advantage in the past, wielding this radiation to nullify the healing factors of some targets. In Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic’s Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, the Deadpool from Earth-12101 decides to kill his Marvel allies to save them from living as comic characters. It’s shown that the blades are capable of killing Wolverine. Given the connection between their powers, this can be taken as confirmation that Deadpool’s own katanas could be used to repress his healing factor and finally kill him off – a perfect detail for a character who is often characterized by his barely masked death wish.

12 A.I.R. Machine

Return of the Living Deadpool #4 by Cullen Bunn and Nik Virella

Deadpool's Healing Factor Is Reversed

Deadpool indeed has one of the most powerful healing factors in the entire Marvel Universe, but that can also be his undoing. In one alternate universe, the Earth was overrun by zombies, and after a wild adventure, a new infection took place. One where every zombie would slowly turn into Deadpool, which resulted in the world being overrun by Deadpools.

With these Deadpool’s being just as dangerous as the zombies, if not more so, the original Deadpool devised a plan to destroy them. Using an A.I.R. machine, Deadpool was able to reverse his healing factor. Instead of regenerating from any wound, his body began rapidly degenerating, and he was able to spread this to the other Deadpools, which caused all of them to slowly degenerate into nothing but dust. It’s not exactly the easiest way to kill Deadpool, but it’s undeniably effective.

11 The Moon-Born Hammer

Fear Itself: Deadpool #3 by Christopher Hastings and Bong Dazo

deadpool hammer mjolnir

Marvel’s Fear Itself event saw several characters, both good and evil, imbued with great power and magical hammers by the Asgardian god of Fear, the Serpent. In Christopher Hastings and Bong Dazo’s Fear Itself: Deadpool #3, Wade convinces the gag villain the Walrus that he is one of the “Worthy,” in a ruse to increase business for his protection services. Unfortunately, the hammer he gives Walrus as part of this scam is the property of a clan of Werewolves called the Moon-Born, and it gains powerful magical abilities when exposed to moonlight. The hammer turns out to be capable of negating Wade’s healing factor, causing Deadpool great harm at the hands of the Walrus, until Wade is able to manipulate the villain into going inside, stopping the hammer’s powers.


Deadpool Just Revealed His Most Disgusting New Ability

Deadpool’s healing factor lets him be sliced, shot, and blown up without dying, but in Wolverine #13, it also gives him another ability.

10 The Muramasa Blade(s)

Wolverine: Origins #35 by Daniel Way and Doug Braithwaite

wolverien muramasa blade

Similar to Wade’s Carbonadium katanas, the Muramasa Blade is a sword capable of repressing healing powers, and can strike killing blows even against high-level healers such as Sabretooth. The original Muramasa Blade was forged by Wolverine’s mentor and master swordsmith Muramasa using literal pieces of Wolverine’s soul. The blade is so powerful that it is able to “slice on the molecular level,” and Daniel Way and Doug Braithwaite’s Wolverine: Origins #35 confirms the blade’s ability to kill those with healing factors because of the absolute nature of it’s slice. A second Muramasa sword was later created, possessing similar abilities, and is possessed by the mercenary and assassin known as Solem.

9 Cockroach Grenade

Deadpool Kills Deadpool #3 by Salva Espin and Cullen Bunn

Deadpool Kills Deadpool #3 Cockroach Grenade

The Deadpool of Earth-12101 returned in Deadpool Kills Deadpool, assembling an army to wipe out every version of Wade in the multiverse, and coming up against the Deadpool of Marvel’s main reality. In Salva Espin and Cullen Bunn’s Deadpool Kills Deadpool#3, Lady Deadpool arms the mainstream Wade with an armory of multiversal weapons that can beat his healing factor, so that he can use them to slaughter his evil variants. One of these is a “cockroach grenade,” which he throws at a Wolverine-Deadpool chimera, leading to him being consumed by super-cockroaches and killing him.

8 Anti-Regeneration Ray

Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1 by Salva Espin and Cullen Bunn

Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1 Anti-Regeneration Ray-1

Also in Deadpool Kills Deadpool is the introduction of the powerful “Anti-Regeneration Ray,” a weapon used by fan-favorite Wade variant “Evil Deadpool,” which he utilizes to kill the adorable Dogpool among other variants. Deadpool’s healing factor means he can regenerate from almost any wound, but the Anti-Regeneration Ray incinerates its target in a way that prevents the activation of any healing factors (Wade can actually survive normal forms of incineration, as shown when he was killed by Thor.) The main Deadpool takes the weapon away from Evil Deadpool and kills him with it, wielding the weapon against his other evil variants.


Deadpool’s Healing Factor is The Opposite of Wolverine’s, Not The Same

Deadpool and Wolverine seem as though they have the same exact healing factors, but the two abilities are opposites and perfectly suited for each!

7 Weapon X Kill Switch

Deadpool #60 by Frank Tieri and Georges Jeanty

deadpool melting healing

It’s made clear he’s truly dead thanks to the kill switch, even appearing as a ghost.

One of the few times that Deadpool actually died on Earth-616 happened in Frank Tieri and Georges Jeanty’s Deadpool #60, when he was killed through the machinations of the Weapon X program, the group that originally gave Wade his abilities. When Weapon X upgrades Wade’s healing factor, they also add a brutal kill switch, choosing to disintegrate him when he turns against them. Deadpool was resurrected using magic shortly afterwards, but it’s made clear he’s truly dead thanks to the kill switch, even appearing as a ghost.

6 Weasel’s Annihilator

Wolverine #21 by Benjamin Percy and Adam Kurbert

weasel gun kill deadpool

The recent Wolverine #21 (from Benjamin Percy and Adam Kurbert) revealed that Deadpool’s former sidekick and arms dealer Weasel has developed a powerful gun specifically to kill Wade. Weasel calls the gun the Annihilator, and claims that because it attacks on the atomic level, Deadpool’s healing won’t save him. While Weasel doesn’t end up using the weapon, he’s one of Marvel’s most gifted weapon designers and has years of familiarity with Wade’s abilities, suggesting he would absolutely have been able to disintegrate the Merc with a Mouth (especially because this type of atomic-level attack also characterizes the other weapons on this list.)

5 All-Black

Thor: God of Thunder #2 by Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic

All-Black Being Held By Knull

The All-Black is one of the most devastating blades to ever be forged. All-Black is the first symbiote that was created by Knull through cosmic energies and the head of a dead Celestial. This blade would later be used by Gorr the God Butcher, who went on to slaughter several Gods with it, despite him being a regular mortal. The All-Black has slain truly cosmic beings such as Galactus, Ego, and Celestials.

Deadpool’s healing factor is
, but it certainly doesn’t make him more durable than a cosmic being like Galactus or Ego.

While it cannot specifically negate healing factors, if the blade is capable of striking down someone like Galactus or a Celestial, there’s no reason to assume that Deadpool’s healing factor would counter it. Deadpool’s healing factor is strong, but it certainly doesn’t make him more durable than a cosmic being like Galactus or Ego. It’s likely a single swipe of this blade will end Deadpool forever.

The symbiote Carnage would later go on to make his own version of the All-Black called the All-Blood.

4 His Daughter’s Neutrino Bomb

Deadpool: The End by Joe Kelly and Mike Hawthorne

deadpool the end death

In one of Deadpool’s most tragic and emotional stories, Deadpool: The End (from Joe Kelly and Mike Hawthorne), the nigh-immortal Wade Wilson is finally killed by his beloved daughter Ellie Camacho, but it is a beautiful and heartbreaking death. Although Ellie possesses Wade’s healing factor – indeed, an even stronger version of it – she still ages, and as she is close to a natural death, Wade decides that he is unable to live in a world without his daughter, causing cosmic havok to keep her alive, even attacking the embodiment of Death.

Ellie stays with Wade as the bomb goes off, ensuring they will both die together once and for all.

In response, Deadpool’s brilliant daughter Ellie is able to make a cell-destroying Neutrino Bomb attached to several black holes through Mobius chains, meaning that after the bomb destroys Deadpool the black holes will then suck any remnants in and collapse, which Ellie describes as, “Like the universe farted hell, then sucked it back in.” Ellie stays with Wade as the bomb goes off, ensuring they will both die together once and for all, a truly heart-wrenching ending to Deadpool’s long, almost-immortal life.

3 Cosmic Cube

Tales of Suspense #79 by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby.

Marvel comic's Kobik holds the Cosmic Cube

One thing that healing factors can’t fight against is reality-warping abilities. While most fans might know the Cosmic Cube or the Tesseract from the MCU where it held the Space Stone, that’s not what it is in the comics. In the comics, the Cosmic Cube, of which there are multiple, is capable of warping reality to whatever the user wishes.

With abilities like this, using a Cosmic Cube would be able to easily remove Deadpool’s healing factor.

Thanos states that with a Cosmic Cube, he could easily bring back his planet Titan, and Red Skull famously used a Cosmic Cube to turn Captain America into a Hydra Agent. With abilities like this, using a Cosmic Cube would be able to easily remove Deadpool’s healing factor or just remove Deadpool from reality entirely. There are few characters in the Marvel Universe who can resist reality manipulation, and unfortunately, Deadpool simply isn’t one of them.

2 The Infinity Gauntlet (And Infinity Gems)

Silver Surfer #44 by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim

The Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Gems are one of the most powerful weapons in the entire Marvel Universe. Several comics and major movies have revolved entirely around trying to get this gauntlet and the stones. When combined, the user is granted near unlimited power and can essentially do whatever they want. Thanos most famously used the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy and obliterate all life in the universe just to impress Lady Death.

As powerful as Deadpool’s healing factor is, there’s no way he could regenerate from simply being deleted from existence.

The gauntlet allows users to merge universes or erase people from existence entirely, as well as fire powerful energy blasts that could atomize people with ease. As powerful as Deadpool’s healing factor is, there’s no way he could regenerate from simply being deleted from existence. In the original Infinity Gauntlet storyline, the entire Marvel universe teamed up against Thanos, and he obliterated all of them, Deadpool included.

1 The Ultimate Nullifier

Fantastic Four #50 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

deadpool ultimate nullifier kill healing factor

The Ultimate Nullifier is one of the most infamous weapons in all of Marvel Comics history, introduced in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four #50. It was first used as a deterrent against the cosmic entity Galactus, given to Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four by the Watcher to save the planet Earth. The horrifying weapon has rarely been used, but when it is, it erases the entire universe from both time and reality – something even Wade’s healing factor is powerless to fix.

Deadpool is an immensely powerful superhuman, capable of regeneration from almost any wound and living life as an effective immortal. However, in a world of gods, impossible science, and mystice swordsmiths, even Wade can be killed for good if someone wants it enough. Deadpool is famous for being Marvel’s most unkillable hero, but there are at least 10 weapons throughout the Marvel multiverse capable of defeating his healing factor and ending his life.


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