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Meet Alex Consani, the People’s Princess

Meet Alex Consani, the People’s Princess

(Image credit: Emmie America. Styling: Miu Miu dress and briefs; Manolo Blahnik shoes courtesy of Albright Fashion Library)

Sucking on a Pineapple Lush Ice vape, Alex Consani says something that will certainly send my chronically online group chat into a mental spiral: “My account has been hacked, girl. If you see me online with the username @BabySharkDooDooDooDooDoo, just know.”

It’s 10 a.m. on a warm summer morning. It’s not sweltering quite yet in New York, but when I arrive at Consani’s go-to coffee shop in Brooklyn, she’s wearing a slouchy striped sweater, black pants, and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses—a far cry from the lacy minidresses and leather pants she sells on her Depop as a side hustle. She’s just come back from a job in Miami, bags still under her eyes. After ordering a round of iced vanilla oat milk lattes, the 20-year-old and I settle into a conversation that turns into a two-hour heart-to-heart. Our time together feels like debriefing with a friend after a raunchy night out because, frankly, it kind of is. Consani has a way of making the most banal of subjects feel like shared secrets between friends. In this edition, she’s telling me about the phone hacker in Vietnam who, at the time of our interview, was blackmailing her for her social media account. Thee account, if you will. Viewer discretion is advised.

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